China was the area where the production of silk became the backbone of gospoda, and there was even a ban that did not allow any duct of silk to be released from China, until the two monks were smuggling several shells and spreading the knowledge of silk to others parts of the world.

That is why we can now thank monks not only the spread of knowledge and literacy, but also these fabulous fabrics. With China, the largest producer of raw silk is certainly India.

Have you ever wondered why your silky dress has that wonderful glow. The reason is that silk fibers are very thin, but at the same time their structure is like that of a triangle and reflects the light under various angles. Do you own a dress made of these enchanting thin and delicate threads?

Dresses are the most gentle clothes you can wear and if they are still made of such a valuable material and throat the body in all the right places, those rights could change your life.

Buying gowns made of genuine silk could well drain your wallet. Of course, you can choose some artificial fiber replacements that will imitate the appearance, but there is no such artificial fiber that will be able to imitate the touch of silk on the skin.

Keep in mind that such a dress does not forgive greasy cushions or skinny skin, so if you are expecting a special occasion on which you decided to dress this beautiful dress porridge on yourself. Daily moderate exercise will tense the skin and restore muscle tone. Is it more beautiful than the tense and firm muscles on a healthy body covered with soft glossy fabric.