Certainly, if you are sitting in the shade and sipping a cold juice or a drink with a umbrella on your well-deserved annual vacation, you are angry when you mention the word scarf. As these winter requisites are now distant when the sun is in the zenith, and the mind is emptied of all thoughts except the note of the last song that shuts from the speaker.

But even if you consider the summer as a time to work a few days or weeks apart from the lizard, it may still break into the evening of wine and songs in the city, or you would just like to walk with your husband, boyfriend, friend, sister …

We know that you took some nice dresses with you so that you could arrange it. I will not know that it takes a lot of makeup when the sun kisses your skin and you become a caramel goddess. Maybe just a little mascara and move the bronzer around the cheeks. But what about fashion accessories? With shoes and purses, there are still marginal areas in the world of fashion accessories, which we do not even think about. When, for example, last time wearing a silk scarf?

Perhaps your only emotions are related to scarves that feeling when you realized that , the pioneer of modern dance, lost her life in a bizarre incident with a joke.

A silk scarf is like a small instant injection of style that will raise every sea combination. You may be wrapped in a white linen or in short trousers and a navy shirt. A light pastel dress and sandals on a full heel? There is no combination that will not profit by adding this interesting item.

Silk scarf is not only beautiful but it could also prove to be extremely useful and practical on the beach. If you do not want to damage your hair or have recently been scared, you can protect it with a scar like the dramatic Hollywood diva. More cat’s nose on the nose and some adventure begins.