Silk ladies’ blouses can add to the look of delicate elegance. Stylists and beautiful ladies give them their preference for their excellent ability to easily fit in both day and evening image, to form the basis for a business look or a bow of a day off. That’s just to correctly choose your model, you should learn about the intricacies of the style, their selection and the acquisition of this kind of blouses. .

Silk blouses are rightfully considered the most feminine item of clothing. And the whole thing in the material from which they are sewn – silk. In the world produce more than 30 of its varieties, divided according to the naturalness and weaving methods. But less than a third of them are suitable for sewing blouses, which have surprising smoothness, durability and unique soft shine.

Various models of silk blouses are sewed mainly from toile and satin, which perfectly keep the style attached to them, which is especially important for business suits. For the images of the weekend and evening promenade, designers create three main varieties when creating models: silk crepe and organza, as well as chiffon. To choose a solemn appearance, stylists recommend taffeta and wild silk, on which textured patterns look so good. The described varieties allow you to create many cuts of the model of the blouse. .

It is believed that the classic style of a silk blouse was proposed by the great Chanel, which does not interfere with its relevance. It is a fitted model with a bow collar. An additional distinguishing feature is that it is always sewn with a long sleeve, which fits the arm half-loosely, ending with a stiff, high cuff. Fashion is changeable, because designers offer other styles: semi-fitting shirts, elongated blouses, tunics, cut polo, with a smell both on the front and on the back or high waist.

Changes relate to other elements of the blouse. The collars vary from classic “small stands” to lush vertical flounces, jabot, “bolero snag”, coquette. Designers offer options, in addition to the already described long, with short sleeves in the form of, for example, flashlights or “petals”, as well as three-quarters. And if a blouse is sewn from a well-shaped fabric, then designers can give it a Basque uniform or set the current asymmetric cut ..