Among all the models the most delicate are silk blouses. Light fabric flows through the body, giving a feeling of freshness and lightness.

What to wear
Reflecting on the question of how to combine a silk blouse, it is important to remember the rule of one bright and intricate thing in the general image. This piece of clothing is a silk blouse, so the bottom should be made in pastel or dark colors.

For the office, a monochromatic silk model with short or long sleeves can be combined with a classic skirt. The color of the blouse can be any from the traditional white to delicate violet. If the company’s dress code allows, a silk blouse will become even more spectacular if there are flounders, a jabot or a gate in its design.

For a summer walk, silk products in the form of tops with one-piece sleeves or shoulder straps are suitable. For them, short denim shorts or light skirts to the floor will become a harmonious tandem for them.

Silk is a favorite material of designers, so the models of blouses are so diverse. To choose from them that very ideal can be very difficult. In order not to get lost, it is enough to remember a few fashionable styles.

Blouses with short sleeves – salvation for a business image in unbearably hot weather. The sleeves are classic, 3/4 long, in the form of flashlights, as well as with a minimum length that resembles a one-piece blouse.

For silk blouses, sleeves ¾ and models with long sleeves, but rolled up to the level of the elbow, are the most popular. These models of blouses got their demand due to the presence of assemblies in the sleeve zone, allowing the fabric to sparkle with natural shine.